Local Waste Services - INFORMATION YOU MIGHT FIND HELPFUL   (revised 01/22/2017)                     

                         Local Waste Services 614-409-9375

The residents in the unincorporated areas of Madison Township, Franklin County are under a new contract with the same trash hauler as the previous three years. Local Waste Services. This contract begins September 1, 2016 for three years, through

August 31, 2019. The pick up day will remain on Thursday.  


 Local Waste Services invoices quarterly, $14.17 per month    Those residents that wish to rent a mobile 96 gallon toter, will be invoiced invoiced additional cost of $7.50 per month.


Invoiced are mailed quarterly, about the middle of January, April, July, October. Please note your accounts are to be paid in full by the last day of that month or a late fee will be assessed.

Recycling is again part of the Township’s contract.  All residents receive a recycle bin from Local Waste and lids if requested.  Additional bins and lids may be picked up at the Madison Township Community Center.  Your name and address will be required for additional recycling bins. Normal hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 8 am - 5 pm; Fridays 8 am - 4 pm; however the day prior to a Holiday we do close early.. please call ahead for times, 614-836-5308.  Yard Waste Stickers are also availble for your permenant yard waste containers from the Township office.

 Senior discounts are available for any head of the household that is 65 years of age or older.  A savings of $1.50 per month will be applied.  In order to qualify you MUST send the following information to the address listed.   Send a copy of your driver’s license and a utility bill showing your name and address of the residence.  Mail these to Local Waste Services, Senior Discount - Madison Township,  P.O. Box 359, Groveport  OH  43125.


Residential collection may begin as early as 7 am and continue until 7 pm.   Only six major holidays will be observed, please refer to the service guidelines you will receive with your first invoice.


New Years Day * Memorial Day * July 4 * Labor Day * Thanksgiving * Christmas *

It is the Townships policy that all trash should be in a closed container, in the event you only put out trash bags, note that the resident is responsible for cleaning up any debris from torn bags.


All residents of the Township will have trash service or provide proof of dumpster service / receipts from the landfill. This is stipulated by Franklin County Public Health.


Note that recyclables should be set in a different location than trash.  It is recommended setting recyclables and garbage on different sides of the driveway.   As before yard waste must be clearly marked.    Place yard waste a few feet away from your trash, for easier identification.  Brush must be tightly tied in bundles of 4 feet or less and no more than 2 feet in diameter.  

 PlasticGrocery bags are NOT recyclable, please return them to the grocery store.  Window glass and glass dishes are NOT recyclable either. Any items restricted from the landfill will NOT be picked up (lead acid batteries and tires, liquid paints, oil, large auto parts, large construction materials and any household hazardous waste)

White goods (refrigerators, etc) may only be picked up AFTER CFC refrigerant has been removed.  Refer to the service guide for specifics, including possible fees and weight limits.  Miscellaneous materials (more than one man size or over 50 pounds) such as appliances, furniture, hot water tanks, etc shall be collected.  Please call ahead of collection day to notify the providers of such items.   


Complaints on trash service should be directed to Madison Township at 614-836-5308 or via the Township website www.madisontownship.org, contact administrator.  These details will be available on the Township web site also.

Residents should be aware that by law in Franklin County all residential properties are REQUIRED to have trash service.  Within Madison Township, all residents must use the trash hauler contracted by their municipality. Owners of the property are responsible for the trash service. Please consider updating your lease agreements accordingly and consider including this cost in your rental payments.  Commercial businesses may select their own hauler, but are expected to keep all trash picked up in front and around their businesses, dumpsters may not be overflowing.