Report High Grass or Weeds

Madison Township takes an aggressive approach to good property maintenance. 

By the authority of the State of Ohio and Franklin County, Madison Township is proactive to issues of high grass or weeds.

High grass and weeds are defined as “over twelve inches” high.  This over growth is a harborage to vermin, ticks and mosquitoes, which is a potential public health and safety hazard.

All reports are investigated and photos taken by an employee of Madison Township.

Property owners are given 10 days, from receipt of the notice to address the issue.  If action is not taken by the property owner, the Township Public Works Dept. will mow the area and the Township will assess the property taxes at a rate of $300 per hour of mowing time.

Let’s all be good neighbors and have pride in our neighborhoods.

TO REPORT HIGH GRASS or WEEDS!!!  CALL: 614-836-5308