Fire Prevention


As the Fire Prevention Bureau, our goal is to reduce the loss of life and property resulting from unfriendly fires by educating the public about fire safety, seeking compliance with the applicable codes, and investigating the causes of all reported unfriendly fires.

We conduct a variety of public education programs, enforce the fire code, conduct plans review for new construction and remodeling, conduct licensure inspections where required, and investigate unfriendly fires.

Arson Investigations:  An "unfriendly fire" means a fire of a destructive nature as distinguished from a controlled fire intended for a beneficial purpose.  Whenever there is an unfriendly fire in Madison Township an investigator is called to the scene to determine the cause.

Daycare Licensure:  If you are a running a daycare out of your home you may be required to have a fire safety inspection.  Call the Fire Prevention Bureau during normal business hours to schedule.

Fire Safety Inspections:  Our fire safety inspectors are trained in residential, commercial and industrial applications.  If you would like to schedule a voluntary inspection call the fire prevention bureau during normal business hours. 

Fire Safety Education: The Fire Prevention Bureau puts on several events throughout the year to teach all ages about fire safety. They are also available if your group would like a presentation.


Open burning

“Open burning is any set outdoor fire that does not vent to a chimney or stack.” For more information, visit the Open Burning web-page through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.


Juvenile Fire Setter

The Madison Township Fire Department has established a program that is designed to deal with a growing trend of Juvenile Fire setting and Fire play.


new Construction COMMERCIAL projects

The Fire Department provides guidelines on New Construction Commercial Projects inside Madison Township.