The following services are offered to all unincorporated areas of Madison Township:

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There are three different phone numbers that can be used to reach Madison Township Police: Emergency, Non-Emergency, and Business.  But which one should you use?


9-1-1 is for when immediate action is required: someone’s health, safety or property is in jeopardy or a crime is in progress.

  • An event that involves an immediate threat to a person or property: screams, attacks, gunshots, fire, car accident with injuries or any other medical emergency

  • A substantive, in-progress crime. This includes fights, break and enters (if there is a suspect on scene) or a report of an impaired driver

  • A serious crime that has just occurred (e.g., sexual assault or robbery)

  • A suspicious circumstance that may indicate an imminent criminal act (e.g., prowler, vandal)

NON-EMERGENCY: Call (614) 836-9000

This Non-Emergency number should be used when immediate dispatch of the police IS NOT required, because some time has elapsed since the incident occurred, the suspect is no longer at the scene of the crime, or if you are calling about a nuisance issue (i.e.graffiti).  If you experience issues connecting with this number, please call (614) 525-3333.

  • Reporting a crime with no suspect (i.e. theft of a license plate)

  • Reporting a crime with suspect, but suspect is not on the scene (i.e. fraud)

  • Reporting a serious crime with suspect, but with a lengthy delay (i.e. assault that occurred last night at a bar)

  • Non-emergency in-progress (i.e. noisy party, drug use)

  • On-going crime issues or crimes that are not in-progress (i.e. graffiti or ongoing drug dealing with no suspect on scene)

  • A suspicious circumstance that may indicate an ongoing criminal activity (i.e. marijuana grow operation)

BUSINESS: Call (614) 836-5355

This number should be used during normal business hours (Monday thru Friday, 8am-5pm) when you need department related information or service.

  • Public Records Requests (e.g., obtain a copy of an accident report for insurance purposes)

  • Need to speak to an officer or detective related to a specific case (e.g., need to provide a serial number for property previously reported stolen)

  • General questions related to police business

HOUSE CHECKS: Going on Vacation? Travel without worry as Madison Township Officers keep an eye on your home and property through our House Check Program. MTPD also provides house checks for residents whose houses are for sale, during hospital stays, etc. To request this service, submit a New House Watch Request.

DRUG DROP BOX: Madison Township Officers and staff are committed to serving the community, and believe in helping to fight the opiate epidemic in our community. Dispose of unwanted drugs, prescription medications, or illegal substances, no questions asked, at the Madison Township Police Department, Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Located in the main lobby at 4567 Madison Lane, Groveport, OH 43125.   Please, no needles.

GUN LOCKS: Firearm related injuries are the second-leading cause of death among children and adolescents. One in three homes in the United States with children under the age of 18 has a firearm, with 43%  of homes reporting inadequate storage methods. 

Madison Township Police aim to reduce these numbers by offering free gun locks to Township residents. These locks are available at the Police Station during normal business hours.

TRANSIENT VENDOR APPLICATIONS: Soliciting within the unincorporated areas of Madison Township is only permitted after a vendor’s permit has been issued by Madison Township Police Department. To apply for a vendor’s permit, submit a completed Vendor Application Form to the department. A $25.00 cash or check fee must be paid upon successful completion of a background check at the Madison Township Police Department.