Although Madison Township was first organized as a township on March 4, 1810, and two men named Ebenezer Richards and George Hays were the first elected Justices of the Peace in the same year, a formal law enforcement organization was not established for many years. In 1847, the first elected Marshal was William James, followed by Lemuel Sarber in 1849 who served for many years.  Late 19th century historical works reference two men named Jacob Weaver and G. W. Myers as a Madison Township Constables in 1849. Other early Township Constables listed are J. Needels, G. Nafzger, E. B. Decker, John Heston, Lemuel Sarber, Jacob Stimmel, Elias Decker, John Gehm, Rufus Bailey, Jonathan Watson, G. S. Dildine, S. W. Dildine, John A. Kile, John Colman, E. M. Strode, James McKelvey, G. W. Rowland, and Levi Kramer.   Elected Marshals and their Constables served Madison Township in its entirety thru 1966.

In 1867, the first calaboose (primitive jail) was built within Madison Township for the sum of $185.00.  Twelve years later, a larger brick prison was built along the canal for a sum of $374.00. Iron prison cages were not installed until the spring of 1890.

As the population within Madison Township grew, the villages of Groveport and Canal Winchester became the epicenter of community and culture. Naturally, the law enforcement officers of the time would evolve from these central locations where their services were needed most. In 1966, the Village of Groveport abandoned the Marshal system and hired Albert Whipple as the first Chief of Police. Madison Township Constables would not be re-established until November 10, 1971 when Madison Township Trustee Chairman Robert M. Brobst is quoted in saying, “Township trustees are elected by the people, and a lot of the people want their own police department.” By 1972, Madison Township Police Department as we know it today was re-born.

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Madison Township Police Department operated out of a station on College Street in downtown Groveport until the current building in the Township Complex was built across from Groveport Madison High School in 1995.

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Through the years, Madison Township Constables have proudly served the residents of Madison Township led by numerous Police Chiefs, carried by nearly five decades of cruiser models, and have adorned three patch styles. Through it all, our officers have emerged proud to embody our core principles: Integrity, Honor, Respect, and Professionalism.

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